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Combining fashion and elegance is what we do best, showcasing that accessories can be the most versatile, original and fun, representing the true spirit of an empowered woman. With 18 Years of experience, our designer, Kathy Aslan, who grew up surrounded by beads, threads and a lot of materials to explore her creativity, combines the highest quality pieces to create the art that are her designs, inclunding tassels, crystals, pompons, patches, amongst others. Each and every one of BKA designs has its own identity and story, inspired by the latest trends and rooted on our designer’s arabic culture.

All of our pieces are handmade by a group of talented woman with magic hands, under the creative direction of Kathy, who’s always attending the details, proving the true essence of amazing work made in Venezuela.

The Brand comes to life under the Direction of our Head of Marketing and Operations Loreana Yacoub. Who got it from her mother, Kathy, and it´s now following her footsteps under the creative path of comibining art and business.

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